Office buildings tend to be the tallest structures that structural engineers involved in the building industry will work on and they come with their own unique set of challenges. As the structural system plays such a big role in the construction and support of an office building, the engineer has to select a structural system that is both economical and safe. Often a composite beam steel superstructure is the answer, but almost as frequently a post-tensioned concrete building is the best solution. Our engineers can help owners and contractors to select the best system for the individual project.

Once the structural system has been selected, our engineers and designers have the advanced technology and experience needed to perform the complex designs required, and to convert them to construction documents that are both practical and thorough. As construction begins, our team will also be there to provide support to the contractors in a timely manner.

Camperdown Development

The Camperdown Development, in the heart of downtown Greenville, is the brainchild of Brody and David Glenn, owners of Centennial American Properties. With deep roots in the community, the Glenns selected the Camperdown name to honor the heritage of the site, which is near the original Camperdown textile mill on the Reedy River, where relatives of the Glenns once worked. When completed, it will be the largest singular investment in the downtown area in history and will include a multitude of private and public uses including a hotel, apartments, office buildings, retail facilities, restaurants, public plazas, and an underground parking garage. 

The Camperdown Development will greatly enhance the heart of downtown Greenville where the Greenville News previously had their manufacturing and administrative offices. It will provide local housing and support facilities in an urban environment, serving as a great alternative to the urban sprawl that continues to encroach on the scenic lakes and mountains in the upstate of South Carolina. 

Multiple teams in multiple states, who are working together to bring the Glenns’ vision to reality, are providing the architectural and engineering design for the development. Wakefield Beasley & Associates out of Alpharetta, GA are the prime architects for the project and they have selected Fuller Group to be the prime structural engineering company for the site.

Projects of this type require extraordinary efforts in coordinating with multiple design firms, the owner, and contractors. They also require the design teams to be flexible and nimble – able to staff up quickly when the needs arise and provide quality services at a rapid pace. Through Fuller’s experience in commercial building services in 48 states, our company is prepared to meet those challenges. 

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Guardian Centers of Georgia

  • Perry, GA
  • Privately-owned emergency training facility
  • 75-acre mock multi-story city scape
  • Includes two rooftop helipads and flooded city
  • Two city blocks of engineered “collapsed” structures

Guardian Centers of Georgia is an emergency training facility. Fuller Group's scope included the design of over 60 building structures of various heights and sizes. The site included two city blocks of collapsed structures: one was steel construction, the other concrete construction. These included dynamic components capable of being adjusted to modify surroundings for training purposes. We also designed an up-fit to an existing structure on-site to serve as a mock subway rail.

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