Fuller Group provides continuing engineering support to many companies in the upstate, including Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, 3M and Bosch. This work includes the structural design of new buildings, additions, as well as interior renovations, platforms and miscellaneous structures. Fuller also provides equipment support systems and process related structural designs for numerous industries. 

Most of our industrial work occurs in the upstate of South Carolina with numerous projects also being spread out in the Carolinas and Georgia. However, Fuller has provided engineering designs as far away as Kansas for a new Ethanol facility and Texas for a new tire facility. Our engineers are licensed in 48 states and they are well trained to design facilities in all of these locations as required by our clients’ needs.

Roy Metal Finishing

  • Piedmont, SC
  • Approximately 85,000-square-foot interior upfit of an existing structure
  • Located in the Matrix, a business and technology park in Greenville County, SC
  • Existing structure was conventionally framed steel with non-loadbearing precast concrete panel walls
  • Upfit for Roy Metal Finishing, an electroplating company servicing primarily the automotive industry

This upfit of an existing spec building provided a unique set of challenges. First and foremost was the intricate slab detailing required to meet the needs of the tenants’ plating process equipment. For this, Fuller Group needed to coordinate a series of slopes and depressions with the equipment supplier. Another challenge was the duplication of a canopy feature. The client desired a curvilinear canopy, similar to an existing canopy, to cover the second entrance along the west side of the building. The large canopy called for extensive reinforcing of the existing precast concrete panels via a new steel frame constructed on the interior of the structure.

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General Electric

  • Greenville, SC
  • Fuller Group provides plant engineering for a variety of projects at the Garlington Rd. facility
  • Equipment foundations and access platforms
  • Turbine support structures and transportation systems
  • Facility service platforms
  • Out-buildings for service functions

In addition to new construction, Fuller provides plant engineering for General Electric and other manufacturers in the upstate. In the past three years, we have worked on seventeen projects at the Garlington Road plant. These projects include the structural design of equipment foundations, equipment transportation systems, out-buildings, mezzanines and platforms.

One of the more unique projects we worked on recently at this facility was the development of a new Outage Simulator and Innovation Center. These freestanding buildings included a complete turbine system installation to provide a platform for maintenance training. It is also a facility for trying new tools and repair methods prior to using them on active turbine systems at their customers’ sites.

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